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Group Insurance

Group insurance products are primarily obtained through an employer.  However, on some occasions they may be provided by means of an association.  To keep things simple, our concentration will remain on employer plans.

All businesses are identified by a particular SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Code.  This classification system was developed in 1937 by the United States Government.  It places businesses with the same common functions, products or services in a class, which is then assigned a four digit number.   There are various government divisions and private sector companies, which still count heavily upon these codes.  Insurance companies utilize them as part of the premium rating process.

Group plans usually cover two (2) lives on up.  On exception, there are companies that will write a one (1) person group.  However, this is rare.  In addition, within The Group Market it becomes even more defined.  There are Small, Large, and National Group Accounts.  As one can imagine, the larger a group the more flexible benefits become.

Group Insurance Plans have some very distinct advantages over individual.  Generally, more benefits are packaged together for less cost.  However, it sometimes works in reverse.  This depends upon the overall age and health of a group.  The bottom line is this.  A younger and healthier group will have better premium rates, than an older group with illnesses.  Remember to practice healthy habits!!!

Another advantage in the group sector is that pre-existing conditions are often waived.  This means, everyone has the ability to obtain coverage.  However, insurance companies adjust premium rates according to each medical condition.  They are not in the business to lose money.

Moneyman Financial is an expert in helping businesses owners gain additional benefits for less cost.  We strategically combine several products within our extensive portfolio to accomplish this.  Whether you prefer a traditional fully insured, self insured or new partner plan, we will structure it for ultimate performance.

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