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Health Insurance

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the health insurance industry today.  The constant changes implemented by Health Care Reform have many business owners wondering where to get answers.  However, the largest question which still looms is whether it will actually be fully implemented.  At Moneyman Financial, we will help you through the complexities of change.  Our knowledgeable Business Insurance Consultants will educate you about the newest industry trends.  This will allow you to obtain the most modernized health plans, at substantially reduced cost.

It is important to understand there are vast differences in group health insurance versus individual products.  In group health there are no pre-existing health exclusions, so everyone can obtain coverage.  However, insurance carriers will facilitate a group premium adjustment based upon each medical condition.  Also, many carriers require a certain amount of participation within the group for it to be accepted.  These are a few differences which need to be understood upfront.

Moneyman Financial is here to become your Business Partner from beginning to end.  Our firm is uniquely different from every other insurance business.  We research products, develop savvy benefit strategies, handle claims and put ourselves in your place.  The Moneyman Financial Professional Product Proposal is uniquely designed to enhance your company benefits and elevate it to a financial level never before realized.

Is saving revenue and getting better benefits something important to your company?  Of course it is.  Yet, many business owners continue to make the same mistakes every year.   They foster relationships with brokers or agents who do not research new product alternatives for the company.  Thus, they find themselves renewing identical insurance coverage with the same carrier yearly.  Somehow they justify this in their mind, even though valuable company revenue is being sacrificed.  Unfortunately, familiarity breeds higher cost.

At Moneyman Financial a lot of precious time and thought are invested into improving your benefits beyond the status quo.  This means, your company will surpass others in attracting and retaining the most talented individuals through a generous, yet economical benefit package.  Only open minded business professionals will explore the opportunity to see what is new.

Let a Moneyman Financial Business Insurance Consultant show you how to do it better for your business and employees.  Don’t guess when it comes to your benefits.  Know that you have an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable Business Partner every step of the way.  Moneyman Financial is a Member of The National Ethics Association and is good standing.  Schedule a private consultation with one of our Moneyman Financial Business Insurance Consultants to review your benefit package today.

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