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Individual Insurance

Individual coverage offers protection to everyone. It is relatively quick and easy to purchase. However, qualifying can sometimes be difficult. This is due to more stringent underwriting guidelines, and the ability of carriers to select business carefully. Even though Insurance carriers rate premiums and view exposure vastly different, the major rating factors remain constant. These include age, family size, medical condition, and demographic.

Another effect upon individual product ratings are employment classifications. This means, the type of job one has. As you can imagine, an airline pilot would have a greater rating than an administrative assistant. Just think for a moment about the exposure differences. One has an occupation which constantly places them in danger, while the other is relatively safe.

Insurance companies always critique claims experience and ponder the “what if” factor. These influence their decision on certain products offered, and premiums. On the individual side, they will tend to be more conservative by limiting coverage and participants. Their perfect client is of course young and healthy. This allows them to keep catastrophic claims at a minimum. Thus, they can maintain larger pools of money to pay claims with less people. This is what makes Individual Insurance less costly for some, and more costly for others. It’s all about the numbers.

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