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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance coverage is one of the most under valued products marketed. Many people have health or life insurance, yet lack disability coverage. Facts prove that a person is more likely to become disabled, than to die. The actual stastic is one (1) in three (3) will become disabled and as we age the odds increase. Whether through an accident or illness most Americans do not see the importance of this issue, until it happens. By then, it’s to late!!

Just take a moment to consider what is your most valuable asset? It’s INCOME!!! Without that, nothing is possible. The need to protect this is very real. The question now becomes, how long could one survive without income?? Realize the importance of securing your income now. It’s time!!!!!!!

Moneyman Financial Insurance Consultants educate people on the importance of disability insurance. We demonstrate actual cases of people whom did not have disability coverage and the severe hardship placed on thier families. For business owners the hardship is even more extensive. It has caused many employers to cease operation or claim bankruptcy. There is a definite trickle down effect to the employees if the business closes.

In addition to disabiltiy insurance coverage, a business owner should have a Business Operating Expense Policy (BOE). This will protect the business from gauranteed failure if the business owner is out for a duration due to a disability. It will cover expenses associated with keeping the business operating. This is not Business Interruption Coverage (where the property was effected by a covered peril). A BOE Policy keeps the business flowing while the business owner is out. Feel free to hire replacement employees, buy supplies, pay the mortgage or rent, and secure other business expenses.

Disability and Business Operating Expense Coverage are a speciality at our firm. We will show you the little know facts and how inexpensive it is to protect youself or business. Avert sure tragedy and contact us about these important coverages now. Just fill out the contact form and we will follow up with you immediately.

Disability Insurnace