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Health Insurance

Individual health insurance was devised for individuals, families, and self-employed business owners. It’s a unique way for this class of people to obtain medical insurance coverage at an affordable cost. To keep expenses at a minimum, insurance carriers have the ability to limit pre-existing medical conditions. Not only can an insurance carrier rider out a specific medical condition, however coverage can be totally denied. In addition, most carriers will automatically exclude maternity coverage on individual policies. These are a few of the issues which Health Care Reform seeks to change.

Being an informed consumer is the most important aspect in choosing the proper medical coverage. Unfortunately, a vast number of individuals purchase health insurance purely upon price. This hurts them when they need it most, because there are often huge coverage gaps. Ultimately, it cost more anguish, frustration, and overall expense. At Moneyman Financial, our trusted advisors will offer suggestions to provide the best coverage for your situation. As each individual differs, so will their benefit program.

Moneyman Financial Consultants offer unique product strategies to eliminate financial worries when a claim occurs. We position several products in place of just one to eliminate any coverage gaps. This means, when a claim occurs you and your medical provider will be paid. Thus, one will never have to worry about owing huge sums of money for medical expenses

Moneyman Financial has the ability to offer you many choices. We have several major medical insurance carriers, which afford you the opportunity to examine various products. This allows each individual to discover cost saving options to fit their budget and medical needs. These products range from an HMO, HSA, Co-Pay combinations to High Deductible plans. The online information is detailed, yet easy to understand.

Moneyman Financial makes it easy for you to access the latest insurance information and technology. To navigate through the various carrier products go to our Resource Tab. Once there, click the logo or links under Quick Click Quotes. It will bring up the site for the company you are interested in. Feel free to compare products and carriers. It’s simple and easy. Go ahead and click on “Quick Click Quotes” now. After reviewing your options, just apply right online with the easy applications. It only takes a few minutes. Go ahead….. Try it now!!!