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Long-Term Care

Most people think and have been educated as to the importanct of having life insurance. They prepare for death and the ability to take care of their family thereafter. However, many fail to plan for life. Why plan only for death when most of us are living longer? I’ts a fact that we are all living longer. The average life expectancy of most Americans is now age 75. This will increase even more as advances in medical technology, individuals excersice more, eat healthier, smoke less and take nutritional products. Everyone enjoys LIFE!!!!! So, plan for living now.

Long Term Care Insurance will provide for when you need to be cared for in an assisted living or skilled care facility. The current average cost of these facilities range from seven to ten thousand dollars ($7000 – $10000) per month. Many people are spending their life savings, cashing in life policies or having the house they work so hard to pay off taken for collateral. Why??? Simply, because they did not plan for living.

Moneyman Financial can help to secure your future. Obtaining a long term care policy while you are young and health is more important than a life insurance policy. The younger a person is, the lower the premium. So, as part of a yearly review, it’s very important to make sure that long term care policies are part of your financial protifolio.