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Supplemental Insurance

Many people are uninformed or confused about the benefits of Supplemental Insurance.  They may have heard of it, however don’t comprehend the benefits.  Conversely, those who own these products and utilized them have seen a direct financial benefit.  Through popular companies like AFLAC, there are numerous families and individuals that were rescued  from severe financial hardships.  Bottom line;  they pay CASH directly to you, when an accident or illness occurs.

It’s important to realize that accidents and illness are a part of our lives.  It’s a guarantee that one will be involved with both.  It’s just a matter of time!  Securing your financial future is essential.  That’s why owning these plans are extremely important to one’s financial security.  In fact, these may be the most important insurance products on the market.

Supplement Insurance pays huge dividends whether in and out of a hospital.  There is often a daily, and an initial confinement benefit.  However, not all policies require a hospital confinement to begin paying benefits.  That’s the beauty of this coverage.  In addition, there are yearly wellness benefits which pay cash too.

Supplemental Insurance is often marketed through employers to their employees.  This is preferred by the carriers for various reasons.  However, with minimum participation requirements, not every business qualifies.  Unfortunately, there are people left out in the cold.  Not to worry!!!!  Moneyman Financial can, and does provide these products on a direct basis.  Our firm does not discriminate against anyone.  We provide financial protection for individuals, families, the self-employed, medium or larger employers.  Size does not matter to us!!!!  It’s about “Doing The Right Thing” for everyone.

Feel free to let Moneyman Financial interpret and guide you through the various policies available for your protection.  They range from Accident, Cancer, Medi-Gap, Hospital, Critical Illness, and many more.  Contact us by e-mail, phone or by completing the contact box.  Go ahead…….  Contact us now to start receiving your cash benefit policy today.  Call, click or e-mail us NOW!!!!