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Company Executives

Moneyman Financial, LLC is owned and managed by Eugene “Moneyman” Brown.  He is a man whose passion in life has always been to help others.  This has resonated from his early childhood and still remains as part of his personality today.  It has allowed him to prosper in the financial markets for over thirty (30) years while others have vanished.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown began his insurance career in 1981 with Allstate Insurance Company.  As a Claims Investigator, it necessitated precise coverage intellect pertaining to various type policies.  The products ranged from Medical to Property and Casualty.  The daily claims processing and negotiating with attorneys, doctors, other insurers, and policyholders enabled him to quickly discover legal and policy coverage deficiencies.  This proved extremely valuable in preserving company revenue.  However, he empathized with the frustration of numerous policyholders that were inappropriately advised on coverage.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown became a Captive Agent for Sentry Insurance Company in 1985.  His product base covered the entire gambit of Personal and Business Insurance.  This allowed him to educate individuals, business owners, and corporate executives regarding their coverage.  Upon discovering any deficiencies they were immediately secured to ensure timely claim payments.  In fact, his effective and proper policy protection was so outstanding it once saved a policyholders life.  This is a true event that neither he nor the family would ever forget.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown relocated to Pennsylvania in 2004.  He recognized a need for financial information to be disseminated to the population.  Out of this observation, he created, produced and hosted “The MoneyDome”.  This popular financial radio program aired weekly on two local stations 790am (WAEB) and 1470am (The Fox).  He shared unique financial strategies with thousands of listeners and offered honest advice.   Approximately two years later he shifted to BlogTalk Radio where” The MoneyDome” streamed via the internet to a larger international audience.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown holds a professional designation as a Nationally Certified Housing Educator and Counselor.  This means he has the knowledge to educate and counsel others on all aspects of credit, budgeting, home loans, and insurance strategies.  His financial knowledge is not limited to one profession, it diversifies over a wide spectrum.  Insurance is one of his long time specialties and passion.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown is an innovative business owner, public speaker, and radio personality.  He is a graduate of Springfield College, in Springfield, Massachusetts.  His degree is a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation and Psychology.

Eugene “Moneyman” Brown believes in giving back to his community as a teacher, role model and coach.  He has been a New Jersey State Wrestling Official over twenty-five years, and officiated in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania five years.  He has been selected to officiate several State and National Wrestling Tournaments.  Eugene “Moneyman” Brown is also a Girls Soccer Coach, and teaches at The Chinese School of Northampton Community College.