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Privacy Policy

Moneyman Financial has made a commitment to protect your confidential and personal information.  We have instituted a Privacy Policy through Truste.  They are a financially stable organization with over fourteen (14) years of experience.  Truste is a known leader in the industry for creating specialized privacy policies.  In addition, their firm works directly with The Federal Trade Commission, and The Department of Commerce to create the strongest policies possible.

The security and protection of your information and any data on our website is a high priority to Moneyman Financial.  One can review our tailored Privacy Policy by clicking on the link at the bottom of our Home Page.  This policy is constantly monitored for required updates, and audited for quality control.  As we add new features, improvements and make our website more interactive The Moneyman Financial Privacy Policy will continually adapt.

Before you input any information or complete a transaction on the internet, be sure the company has an up to date and verifiable Privacy Policy.  If not, you will want to consider how safe your information is.

At Moneyman Financial your protection is our top priority.  We have made an investment into making sure any transaction on our website is safe and secure.  Feel free to review the extra layer of protection we have installed for your privacy and security.  Just click the link on our Home Page to find out more.  Also, feel free to surf our entire site.  You will find unique information and products not found elsewhere.  Go Ahead………….Feel safe and secure.  SURF OUR SITE NOW!!!!!!