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In crucial economic times, educating people on innovative methods to preserve valuable revenue is momentous. Moneyman Financial manages this by providing our clients with “no” or “low” cost health insurance for their children. Through our unique relationship with a major insurance carrier, we can offer CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) to every child in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

CHIP coverage is available throughout Pennsylvania. This program allows uninsured children and teens to obtain medical coverage without limitations on family income. All children are eligible, unless the age of nineteen (19) has been reached or on Medical Assistance.

In 2007, CHIP Legislation changed to include every child may qualify for coverage without regard of income. However, they must be a United States Citizen (noted exceptions online) and Pennsylvania resident for at least ninety (90) days. This was a huge departure from the previous legislation which covered only certain income qualified families.

Many people still remain misinformed about the benefits regarding CHIP. The myth that families with higher incomes do not qualify is greatly exaggerated. Many still believe it is strictly for low income or poverty level families. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, every family in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania may obtain coverage. It just depends upon which of the three premium tiers you fall into. Those are “no”, “low” or full cost, however the benefits remain consistent.

Another misconception is that CHIP provides diminished plan benefits. Again, not true! CHIP supplies comparable benefit coverage in relationship to any private insurance plan. In fact, portions of their coverage are far better. Check out the CHIP Dental, which provides a fifteen hundred dollar ($1500) yearly member benefit. Also, inclusive is a fifty-two hundred (5200) lifetime orthodontic benefit that allows for children’s braces. This is far superior to numerous private employer plans.

CHIP premiums vary greatly depending upon the insurance carrier providing the coverage. Moneyman Financial is contracted with a national carrier that has the lowest CHIP premiums compared to any other. This means, current CHIP members on “low” or “full” premium can obtain the same coverage for lower cost. Just apply with us to see how much you can save.

No matter if you are a current CHIP member or new applicant, let Moneyman Financial provide your children with the health benefits they deserve. Simply download a paper application, call or e-mail us to begin the process. We will have one of our team members assist you in collecting all of the necessary documentation. Start saving valuable revenue and get great benefits today!! It’s your money, no need to waste it. Just call, e-mail or complete our Quote Request now!!!