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Pet Insurance

All of us love our pets.  They are our companions, friends, and family.  Unfortunately, when an illness or other crisis occurs an owner can become devastated.  A visit to The Veterinarian can be an excruciating emotional and financial burden.  One thing is for sure, it’s never cheap!  The doctor’s fees are enough to make you sick.  Veterinarians know pet owners will spend practically any amount of money to heal or save our pet’s life.  Well, Moneyman Financial has the solution to ease your pain.  It’s our Pet Insurance Plans.  That’s right……..Pet Insurance!

Our current carrier is number one in the market and veterinarian recommended.  However, we can only market products to companies with an employee base of greater than one hundred (100).  This allows it to be offered as a voluntary employee benefit with multiple discounts available.  That means, there is no cost to the employer for implementing the program.  In addition, employees receive group discounts of five percent (5%) and fifteen percent (15%) for insuring multiple pets.

Moneyman Financial offers several plans ranging from basic to more inclusive options.  These include wellness, accident, illness or hereditary protection.  Like any medical insurance, there are various deductibles and co-insurance options one can select.  These policies can be tailored to the level of protection desired for your pet.  This protection is not limited to dogs and cats.  Plans are available for birds, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, and pocket pets.  Just click the banner below to view all coverage options.

There are many misconceptions regarding Pet Insurance.  The most common belief is that policies are  expensive.  To the contrary, they are actually very affordable.  Plans can be purchased for minimal or greater cost.  Take a moment to consider the out of pocket expense of medical procedures without any coverage.  Now that’s expensive!!!!  In addition, don’t skimp when purchasing pet protection.  If you purchase an inexpensive policy, then expect minimal benefits.   However, obtaining quality coverage will provide peace of mind and financial security when a crisis occurs.

Another belief is that insurance companies pay the medical providers directly.  This is a huge mistake.  Pet Insurance is paid on an indemnity (reimbursement) basis.  This means, you pay the medical providers directly.  Once a claim is properly filed, the policyholder is reimbursed by the carrier according to a fee schedule of coverage purchased.   Deductibles and coinsurance are applicable similar to any other medical coverage.  Pet Insurance will help recoup thousands of dollars over your pet’s lifetime. It makes sense to ask your employer about adding this benefit.  Ask them to call us today.

Moneyman Financial is the place for all of your insurance needs.  We provide numerous specialized products all in one place.  Our Pet Insurance will relieve the pain and agony of going to The Veterinarian.  Make your company stand out from the rest!!  Add this unique voluntary benefit to your company portfolio today.  Your employees want and need it.  Contact Moneyman Financial now to implement it quickly, easily, and with no cost to your company.  Simply complete The Quote Request located on any page or click Reach Us for a Free Pet Insurance Consultation.  Go ahead…..do it now!!!!!  Call, click or e-mail us right now!!!