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Wellness should not be taken lightly, because our lives depend upon it!  True wellness entails a person having “good health” in spirit, mind, and body.  Even though medical technology has improved beyond imagination, wellness is pivotal in improving and sustaining life.  Over the past few decades we have seen it integrated into various aspects of our lives.  This is exemplified by the dramatic increase in daily workout regiments, non-smoking programs, diets, nutritional education, mental counseling and more.

Envision wellness as a various stage program that never ends.  It begins with being proactive and educated.  A fantastic resource is www.webmd.com.   This site not only deals with wellness, it provides valuable information on all types of conditions.

Wellness education has skyrocketed with insurance companies taking the lead.  They recognize the value of innovative partnerships with wellness firms, and employers.  This collaboration enhances the client to practitioner relationship, focuses on specialized risk assessments, disease control, and elevates health awareness.  In addition, employers are creating incentive programs that include cash bonuses, paid time off, parties and additional free insurance to reward employees for active wellness participation.  The result is increased job production, greater employee morale, and decreased absenteeism.  It all equates to greater health and lower premium cost for everyone.

In the end, the choice rest upon each individual to prevent sickness and disease.  This means, maintaining a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise, nonsmoking, and a healthy diet.  It is imperative to eat properly, as obesity triggers numerous adverse medical conditions.  These include high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, sleep disorders or other ailments.  Conquering the early warning signs of these diseases are dictated by the lifestyle one leads.

Those who chose to ignore their health will pay the ultimate price in the end.  They tend to be the ones who underestimate the importance of annual physicals.  Early diagnosis of any disease usually results in a better prognosis.  A spectacular new lifesaving aid is The Affordable Care Act which prohibits deductibles, copayments or coinsurance for preventative screenings within a network.  This new law eliminates the excuse for not obtaining a colonoscopy, mammogram, Pap smear, PSA, or other preventative test.  Check out the complete guidelines at www.healthcare.gov.  Get annual physicals!!!!!

Moneyman Financial is your partner in “Good Health”.  Our vast resources for employers and individuals go beyond just health plans.  We recommend innovative Wellness Programs to educate you on techniques for living a longer and healthier life.  Attend an upcoming Moneyman Financial Health Fair or medical seminar to get screened.  Everyone benefits when you do!!!  Just venture out and click on “Upcoming Events” in The Resource Center to see our schedule.  Click your way to better health right now!!